The Muslim Interscholastic Tournament is a fun, educational interactive program of competitions and workshops geared towards bring high school students together from around the nation to develop leadership skills, good communication, and foster a creative environment all while gaining a deeper understanding of Islam and what it means to be an American Muslim. 

MIST BOSTON 2018: Competition dates and registration details coming soon. In the meantime, check out the fun we've had over the years.


Stay tuned for the latest announcements.... 


  • 2018 Theme has been announced, check it out here.
  • Come support MIST at the Annual MIST Bowling Event on January 27th from 2-4PM at Boston Bowl in Dorchester, MA. Register by January 24th for $20 ticket, after the 24th it will be $26 a ticket for 2 hours of bowling, shoes, pizza, and drinks. You can venmo @MIST-Boston to register or sign up via the PayPal link.



 MIST Boston 2015- 3d Art

MIST Boston 2015- 3d Art

MIST Boston hosts all different sorts of competitions ranging from the Arts, Writing, Science, Debate, Sports, and more. Submissions are judged by professionals to ensure students receive appropriate feedback and allow them to add to their network.

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 MIST-Talks 2014

MIST-Talks 2014

In addition to attending competitions and sports, students can attend MISTalks. MISTalks are workshops and seminars that reflect the years theme. They range in topics from current events to what it means to be a Muslim in America today. 

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MIST Got Talent

 MIST Got talent 2015

MIST Got talent 2015

 MIST Got Talent was created four years ago. It is a talent show in which students, organizers, and guests can showcase their talents; Guitar, spoken word, bhangra, and even solving a rubik's cube! Talents must be submitted before MIST weekend. 

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