MISTalks 2018

Talks this year to be announced.

MISTalks 2016

"Behind the Curtain" Ahmed Abojaradeh- There are many topics which we don’t discuss and prefer not to bring up in conversation. However, these issues are a reality and it is our responsibility as Muslims and humans to speak out as they are issues we cannot avoid even if we deny it. So how can we bring these subjects and engage in constructive supportive discourse? This MIST Talk does just that by providing guidelines for a thoughtful and disciplined way to address such social justice issues and subjects. *Open to all*

"Listen Up: A Session on Passion and Intention" Adam Khafif- Adam Khafif, founder of the up and coming clothing company LSNP, will lead a discussion on how we can be successful in this world and the next. In today's culture, it is almost looked down upon to give back time to our communities and to those in need. It's of great importance that we hasten to give thanks to Allah through charity and praters, as we must remember that nothing is truly ours and that it is a blessing from Allah. Stop by and listen to Adam explain how we can maintain the dunya's success while receiving rewards for the next life inshaAllah. *Open to all*

"It's About Time" Elimam Sanousi- In this day and age, we often find ourselves struggling between living out our youth and being mindful of the future. How can we be productive with out health, wealth, intellect, and love before time takes them away? It is a constant battle between being present in the moment, and worrying about what is only in Allah's (SWT) hands. We are all trying to strike this balance. Come listen to Elimam Sanousi shed some light and guide us on how to figure out the harmony between being serious about the future and being present in our youth. *Open to all*

"The Beauty of Time" Safwan Eid- If you live in the present and never look to the future, you lose time. If you dwell on the past, and never live in the present, you lose time. Unless we learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in the present, we will have failed to capture the beauty of this life. Time is limited yet infinite, beautiful yet hideous, and above all else, time is what you make of it. The Prophet (PBUH) says: "Allah is time." So how do we act accordingly? Join us as we explore what it means to give our time to Allah SWT with Imam Safwan Eid. *Open to all*

"The Bro Code / Girl Talk" Amr Aly, Sarah Fahmy, Ayonna Zakee, Dana Lobad- We live in a society and world that is stripping our manhood where masculinity means behaving like a wolf after his next prey. How do we fight against this societal oppressive malady? Let us turn together to learn from the greatest man in history on what it means to be a man, a son, a brother, a husband, a father, and friend. Come and learn about the Bro Code of our heroes from Amr Aly! *Guys Only*
Ladies? Head over to your own MISTalk with the ladies of the Eboard to talk about college, relationships, careers, feminism, hijab, and the countless expectations that accompany Muslim American Womanhood. *Girls Only*

"Bridging the Gap" Ahmed Abojaradeh- Many times we see our children going towards a direction we know may be bad for them, or we try to communicate with them and they nod their heads and go back to computers. Are we asking the right questions? Do we know what our children are going through? How do we bridge this gap and understand the challenges our children are going through and help them understand where we as parents and caretakers are coming from? If you wish to help yourself answer this question, come and listen to some guiding and advising words. *Parents Only*

MISTalks 2015

"Identity Crisis: How do we define ourselves?" Nancy Khalil- The Muslim American experience is most certainly a unique one- substitute "unique" for: bewildering, baffling, unclear, perplexing, puzzling, contradictory- it still works. Ths MIST Talk will explore the complicated relationship between being a Muslim and being an American, and will offer suggestion of how the two actually work in harmony. *Open to all*

"#OurThreeWinners: Living up to their Legacy" Sara MinkaraOur Three Winners and their commitment to bettering the world have inspired us all- particulary because they managed to do so at such young ages while leading such busy lives. Come to this MIST Talk to discuss social activism in the American Muslim community, and find ways to make your difference int he world without forgoing college applications or calculus homework. *Open to all*

"Sinceri-ME?" Bilal MirzaIn a culture of me, myself, and "let me take a selfie," we owe it to ourselves to think about our self and soul. This hopes to be a discussion geared toward examining our intentions, what purpose our actions serve, and who gains the most from what we do. Come join the long time coach of iSlam to explore what it means to have "Me" on your mind. *Open to all*

"Seeing the Lives of Our Prophets in 2015" Safwan Eid- God says in the Quran that the purpose of the stories of our Prophets is to "Strengthen your heart".  From Musa to Yusuf as well as Nuh and Hud we will analyze how Allah transforms them to overcome struggles, insecurities, and shortcomings both internally and externally.  Often we feel disconnected from these stories and unable to relate to them. But  Allah says in the Quran "Feehi Dhikrukum-” meaning the stories of the Quran are a remembrance of ourselves. When we personalize the Quran we begin to feel a closeness to our creator and to his Prophets which strengthens our hearts with purpose, ambition, and inspiration.  Join us for a deeper look at the stories of the Prophets and how we can apply their experiences to our lives. *Open to all*

"The Bro Code / Girl Talk" Munther El-Alami & Sarah Fahmy- Bros before- let’s stop right there. Come re-invent the bro-code at this interactive MIST Talk with Munther Elalami where we’ll discuss what it means to become a Muslim man in our messy, confusing American society. *Guys Only*                                               Ladies? Head over to your own MIST Talk with our very own Sarah Fahmy to talk about college, relationships, careers, feminism, hijab and the countless expectations that accompany American Muslim womanhood. *Girls Only*